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Vibraxe. The blu-supersonicecho Axe: NASA and Military Technology for Effortlessly Splitting Any Material.


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HDD black worn


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EVA - Electric Vehicle Automated


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The secret of USB chargers

about me

I am a 3D artist and filmmaker with a passion for designing and modeling, but also for setting atmospheric light to bring everything in a stunning frame. Tell me your ideas and I'll turn them into 3D....

I bring in new ideas and reinterpret the familiar. Every product can tell a unique story, and I'm committed to bringing those stories to life through visual presentations.


In addition to a technical degree, I also have a higher general education and a degree in Digital Film and Animation from SAE Vienna.


The pricing of a 3D animation is always individual. Which length? Which quality? Which format? What data will be provided? What needs to be designed, created, and imagined?

Contact me for individual information.

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