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how it works

#1: the idea

Written down, a sketch, a technical drawing, everything starts with the idea

#2: modeling

Complex shapes are created from basic geometric elements


#3: texturing

Different materials cover the model like a skin. Metal, wood, matte, glossy, rough, smooth, etc.


#4: lighting

Without light you can't see anything, the light is the most essential aspect in the creation of a picture.


#5: animation

An object can rotate, disassemble, open, close, assemble, and become transparent, to see inside.

A product and its function can thus be presented in the image without disturbing hands.


optional: 3D printing

In principle, any 3D model can also be 3D printed. However, models for visualization differ from 3D printed models with regard to different optimizations.


get this model for visualization on cgtrader

get this model for 3D printing on cults

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